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China’s Silk Road and the EAEU in SCO Space: “Noodles and Meatballs in a Breaking Bowl”

Published on April 05 2017
Posted by: jeff

According to a mid-2016 report by the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC), “Russia has “expressed interest in formats of interaction between the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) and the Silk Road Economic Belt (SREB) part of One Belt, One Road (OBOR)”. This is the subject of my forthcoming book to be released by RANEPA in June.


Table of Contents




Part A:   Reality in central Eurasia!

1. Important Relationship between Russia and China

(a)     Introduction and Strategic Issues

(b)     Economic Issues

2. Inside Central Asia

(a)      Individual Central Asian countries

(b)      Relationship between Central Asian countries

3.  China and Central Asia

(a)       Introduction and Security Issues

(b)       Economic Issues.

(c)       Individual Countries

4.  Russia and Central Asia (EAEU)

(a)       Introduction

(b)       Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU)

(c)       Russia and individual countries of CA

(d)      The Way Forward?

5.   Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)

(a)      What is the SCO?

(b)      The Way Forward?

(c)      New Members (India and Pakistan)


Part B:  “One Belt, One Road (OBOR) Initiative”

1.   Silk Road Economic Belt (SREB) part of OBOR

(a)      Reasons for the “Initiative”

(b)      Official Chinese view of the “Initiative”

(c)      Practical Implementation of SREB

(d)      China-Pakistan Economic Corridor special case

2.    Silk Road Fund (SRF)

3.    Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)

4.    Other “associates”?


Part C:  Pulling Together in the Future?

1.    Introduction

2.   The Russian View

3.   The Chinese View

4.   Other Views

5.   Reality!

(a)      The Thucydides Trap

(b)      EAEU and AIIB: “hard power” and “soft power”